Tubing-Retrievable Surface-Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve TRCSSSV

ADHT safety valves grade V1 and Q1 standards set forth by API metal-to-metal seal

The premium flapper mechanism also features full metal-to-metal sealing, together with a secondary soft seat and Self-equalizing system

• Curved flapper technology enables a smaller OD, which eases running and accommodates bypass lines

• the Safety valves contains a premium piston mechanism for demanding gas or high-pressure applications, Fluid and gas environments

• High-pressure production and injection applications Features and Benefits All models have a premium piston the valve is installed to shut in wells in the event of uncontrolled flow caused by equipment failure or damage

• The field-proven non-elastomeric dynamic seal avoids explosive-decompression and fluid-compatibility issues, for greater safety

• An integral part of the completion string, each model is controlled by a single hydraulic control line